What are xPoints?

Developers can get xPoints for their achivements. The more xPoints the developer have the better he is. We have also introduced unique badges so that you can more clearly see how good the developer is.

How xPoints are calculated?

Each developer can be awarded for xStore work and also for filling profile information. xPoints are calculated as follows:

  • 100 xP for every xStore application
  • 20 xP for providing a profile photo
  • 20 xP for providing a homepage information
  • 10 xP for every other information in developers profile

What are xStore badges?

xStore badges were introduced to give better overview about programmers. Currently there are 5 types of badges:

  • blank (0-99 xPoints)
  • copper (100-199 xPoints)
  • bronze (200-299 xPoints)
  • silver (300-499 xPoints)
  • gold (500+ xPoints)