This tutorial goes through the list of the most important aspects of developing apps. You should follow this tutorial if you are willing to deploy your application on

Before sending your app to make sure that:

  • Installation and uninstallation processes go smoothly (only desktop apps).
  • The application includes disclaimer check button in the login panel (more info here:
  • The application has the ability to switch account.
  • Necessary help or support for the app is provided.
  • Application name or logo is both displayed in the login and main panel.
  • Fonts are unified across the application.
  • All buttons in application are responsible for displaying something or have particular functions.
  • App calibration - application displays correctly on a smaller resolution screens, like 1366 x 788.
  • Application includes AppName and AppId (more info here:
  • Application can reconnect after network is restarted.
  • User’s system is not overloaded during application’s performance (e.g. memory usage is not increasing).
  • Application can be running for at least 30 minutes without any user interaction & without logging out.
  • Both demo and real accounts are supported.


Before deploying, every application is being tested by our QA Team. Remember that checking if the app meets our criteria will save both time for you and us.


In this tutorial you have learned how to do the pre-check of the application.